Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Last weekend I finally realized that my days here in Prague are numbered. We just finished our second of three semesters and are on our final leg. Today in teachers meeting we talked about our end of the year party and the graduation. Crazy! Time flies when your having fun. So an update on my life:
Last weekend was faily normal until Saturday night when a couple of the other teachers (e-mail me for more info) and I shook on a plan for some entertainment, which was to be supplied by us. So anyway we decided that we had to meet a new English speaking girl, but act as if we are Czech. So the first victim appeared and it was showtime. Teacher #1 played it off fairly smoothly. The girl was seated by a book shelf in a restaurant, so T1 went to the shelf, fumbled a book, and was soon immersed in a conversation with the girl. Nice job #1, you are worthy of your name. Now it was my turn. We spotted a couple of English speaking girls on some computers in the corner of the restaurant. They didn't have any obvious vices to use as a conversation starter so I had to use my imagination for this one, albeit a but rusty from lack of use. Anyway, it was my turn and I shook, so I went. I opted for the classic fall on your face move with the drop my pen under their chair as a catalyst for further conversation beyond my apparent injury. Surprisingly, it didn't work out as planned. Getting their attention was more than successful, not only did I have their undivided attention, but also the attention of everybody else in that side of the restaurant. Secondly, I way over-did my Czech acting and lost focus because I had to try to stifle my laughter. The third, and perhaps the most fatal of the mishaps, was that my pin got caught by the leg of a chair. What is a man to do? I had a pen to get her number but now lacked the means to ask her. That's ok, practice makes perfect right? And just for the record, after seeing my attempt, the third wussed out, and this wasn't because of lack of prospects.
Marek and Jitka had invited me to go cross country skiing on Sunday, but we got dumped on, with snow that is. About a foot and a half over the period of twenty hours. Anway we went on a rad hike for about four hours and they had lunch at Jitka's. The pictures are from the hike. That all for now folks.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Thanks to my rockin’ step-brother, I should be watching Starsky and Hutch on my iPod while my students are laboring away at their exams. You know I have a pretty tough job, but every once in a while it has it’s perks. That’s about all the exciting news for now. I have started to plan my trip at the end of the year with Jan and Marek and I’m planning on coming home around the 18th of July. Well see what the airlines have to say about that. Hope you’ve had luck finding the other blogs which have been redirected. Oh, one story. The other day I was teaching phrasal verbs in class and I taught the phrasal verb ‘make out’. I called on one of the more creative students for an example sentence for this one. Here it is, “I . . . uhh . . . I like to . . . make out? . . . with . . . hmm . . . my cat.” It took a little while to get back control of the classroom. Have a good one -Vladamir

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Warning! This site is for authorized personnel only. If you have not been cleared for admittance, you must leave now and not return. Having been justly warned, my conscience has been freed from the possible consequences that you might incur.


Since my last drop spot was compromised, I have been authorized to increase security to a level necessary for preserving the integrity of my work. Persons mentioned are thus being referred to by their alias, again for protection against the possibility of unauthorized intruders. By reading this you have agreed to help in my mission. I work as an informant for a young private company training foreign nationals to blend in with the world’s capitalistic societies of today. My clients come from an authoritarian background, but due to a recent change in domestic policies, we are presenting them with new and never before heard of opportunities. Some may argue these to compromise global stability, but we know the true path to stability. Having brought you up to date for the time being, please share this new drop spot to others whose level of security is sufficient for such material. My name is Vladamir Křížkov. Thank you for your help.